In Defence of Clear Speech and Clear Thinking


I had an art teacher who told me, if you want to draw well, learn to draw with a sharpened HB pencil. Charcoal, watercolours and soft pencils make it easy to hide your mistakes in the fuzzy edges. When you draw with the exact, unforgiving line of HB you can see every mark and every glaring error. There’s no drawing tool more honest: each slip » Read on »

On Mentoring New Vegans: An Interview with Jean Bettanny


Jean is the Coordinator of Vegan Outreach’s Mentoring program, which connects vegan-curious people with longtime vegans to support and encourage them throughout the beginnings of their vegan journey*. I was interested to learn more about the program and get her perspective on the issues that face those of us involved in » Read on »

Yes, Fish Feel Pain - and Yes, We Should Care


A recent article authored by Marc Bekoff Ph.D. published in Psychology Today has reaffirmed a truth I’ve known for a long time, but one which seems to be under constant contention in the scientific community: that fish feel pain*. Perhaps the foremost name in the field of fish sensory abilities is Victoria Braithwaite, author of Do Fish » Read on »

An Appeal to Reason


Arguments for veganism frequently get polluted with spirituality, pseudoscience and misinformation. If you’re already vegan, I hope this article gives you further insight into the logical support for veganism and helps you to bolster your reasoning. If you’re not vegan you’ll find the following is largely addressed to you. » Read on »

Eggs, period


A conversational strategy used by many vegans is to attempt to disgust the person who is eating animal products by describing what it actually is. It is a fair point that one should be aware of what one eats. I honestly think it’s quite scary how oblivious people generally seem to be about their food. This ignorance is usually exposed when discussing » Read on »

The Hidden Cost of Donating to your Local Animal Sanctuary


When making a donation to a charity or other non-profit, most people want to do good. It then likely follows that if we could just do some good, or do a lot of good, that we would prefer to do the most good possible given our limited resources.

Many vegans are aware of the inefficiency of donations towards pet-focused charities. » Read on »

They All Had Eyes: insight from former biomedical researcher Michael Slusher


Medical testing is one of the first animal issues that I became aware of. In the early nineties there seemed to be posters leaflets and protesters everywhere showing gruesome images of experiments being conducted by scientists. These experiments were ‘cruel and unnecessary’, the literature informed me. How could I avoid the » Read on »

When Empathy Fails Us


I became a vegetarian because of empathy. At ten years old I realised the connection between the food I ate and the animals that were that food. When I saw uncooked beef burger patties at the supermarket I realised they were red and disgusting because they were made of meat. They had been my favourite food, and now I was » Read on »

Making Healthy, Happy Vegans with Ginny Messina


I recently saw a tweet about Ginny Messina pop up on the RVGN feed from Meghan O’Day:

@TheVeganRD Animal rights made me vegan. Evidence-based RDs help me be a healthy, happy one. Thanks!

Many vegans could say the same. Ginny adopts a rigorous, evidence-based approach and delivers » Read on »

Celebrities, Weight Loss and Penn Jillette’s New Vegan Diet


Ginny wrote this article when prominent skeptic Penn Jillette* announced his dramatic weight loss*. Now, as he prepares to release a book about his diet experiences, her points are worth revisiting.

The vegan internet was abuzz over Penn Jillette’s recent weight loss and his current plant-based diet. But when it comes to celebrities, weight » Read on »

Vegan Flu Shots: A Guide


Flu shots can be a difficult topic in the vegan community. The internet has a lot of misinformation about vaccines in general, and flu shots in particular, which can make the topic controversial in the best of situations.

In a vegan context, the conversation is » Read on »

Until Every Animal is Free: a Conversation with Saryta Rodriguez (Part Two)


I was excited to get to talk to author Saryta Rodriguez about her new book Until Every Animal is Free, recently published by Vegan Publishers. Our conversation ranged from revolutions in medical testing to de-extinction with a few detours into ‘welfarism’ and other interesting areas. Because we had so much to talk about, this interview is split into two sections. » Read on »

Voin: In Search of a Truly Ethical Currency


If you’re alive and read things, you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency, or at least bitcoin. Opinions vary on the efficacy, future and utility of cryptocurrency*, but few can deny it has the potential to change the financial world. Several prominent venture capitalists** and institutions* are calling cryptocurrency the ‘next internet’ » Read on »

How to Veganize Sam Harris


For those who don’t know him, Sam Harris* is an author on philosophy, religion & atheism, rationality and a lot of other topics, and has quite a large following. In his latest podcast, Sam Harris talks with psychologist Paul Bloom about “the dark side” of human nature. One of the topics under scrutiny this time is vegetarianism/veganism » Read on »

Exploding the myth of the Moral Underclass


In my previous article for RVGN, I spoke of how there are many people throughout the world who are unable to immediately convert to vegan living. Such people include those living in; mental health facilities, prisons, food deserts*, and extreme climates where few edible plants grow. I have also, there as in nearly all of my works, expounded » Read on »