About us

The primary aim of Reasonable Vegan, as an organisation, is to develop a community of vegans who embrace the scientific method and empiricism. For our purposes, reasonable means ‘adhering to rules of logic and following evidence’, and in the vernacular of most English-speaking places, it’s also used to mean sensible, fair and open minded. We hope we can live up to both definitions.

How are we going to do that? Well, start small and grow big. Our first objective is to create a magazine-style blog featuring articles of interest to vegans, with a rational perspective. That’s what you’re looking at now. We expect articles to range from discussing (and analysing) the prevalence of woo in the vegan community, scientific solutions to the problems of animal agriculture, tactics and theories of effective activism, to the philosophy underlying veganism.

Some of our contributors identify as skeptics or rationalists, some of them are scientists (or wannabe scientists), ethicists, philosphers or artists. What we all have in common is a commitment to an evidence-based approach to ethical conduct.

Perhaps more importantly we aim to create a platform to establish community and support each other when facing down irrationality from within and without the vegan-sphere. We want to foster critical thinking within veganism, and veganism within the critical thinking community. It’s important that we do this while remaining respectful, compassionate and non-partisan.

In all things, we are committed to rigour and humility. We ask our contributors to thoroughly research their articles and apply a skeptical eye to data which either confirms or contradicts their biases. However, we also expect our contributors to accept their human tendency towards bias and be able to respond to reasonable criticism or evolving data.

If the magazine works out, we hope to gain enough interest to organize get-togethers of vegans which focus on the sharing of ideas rather than food, informal meetup groups and eventually more structured events for presentation of ideas. We want to foster a spirit of good-humoured camaraderie and inquiry. We believe that embracing the gaps in our knowledge, and exploring topics by respectful debate, only makes our understanding more robust.

You are a probably a reasonable vegan. If you are interested in ethical discussion based on good data from the real world, and are interested in contributing to Reasonable Vegan, please contact us. We can’t yet offer financial remuneration, and we can’t promise you fame, but we can give you a good chance of having an even more positive impact on the world.